Intellinote Launches Integration Platform for Mobile Workforce Collaboration

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As companies seek new ways to empower their users to collaborate, share, and communicate within their proprietary, native platformsIntellinote – a mobile workforce collaboration solution – today announced the rollout of their new Integration Platform for software companies and vendors enabling Intellinote's suite of advanced workforce collaboration tools to be embedded into existing apps.

Currently, users of enterprise software services – including unified communications, audio and video conferencing, file sharing, and analytics – organize, manage and share their content and work output with each other through an array of fragmented and disjointed channels, such as email, file sharing and USB drives.

Intellinote's powerful new integration platform is aimed at eliminating this fragmentation and the resulting, widespread inefficiencies. Companies can now embed Intellinote's collaboration engine right inside their proprietary apps to create a seamless experience for users to communicate, share, review and act on app content - and complete work faster. 

"Until today, business apps and services have been forced to stand by and watch as their users resort to other tools – tools not built for true collaboration – to share the content and insights created by their apps", said Tony Lopresti, CEO, Intellinote. "Intellinote's new features are a game changer. Software companies can now satisfy their users' collaboration needs right inside their core apps. It's a win-win for them and their users."   

In addition to the benefits of immediate integration, adopters of Intellinote's enhanced embedded solution avoid upfront costs, development risks and business risks. Other benefits include:

  • Transforming existing applications into full-scale collaboration hubs 
  • White-labeling Intellinote, and providing it to users as an additional benefit 
  • Attracting new users, and retaining existing users, inside their app or product 
  • Expanding the scale and quality of users' collaboration needs within their products, providing for deeper customer loyalty and engagement 
  • Growing revenue streams by generating additional, compelling value for customers

Once in place and activated, the full-suite of Intellinote's market-leading workforce collaboration tools energizes, transforms and improves workflow output and results with features such as:

  • Real-time messaging: start group chats or private discussions 
  • Task management: create projects, assign tasks, and track progress 
  • Note taking: capture ideas, attach files and share with the team 
  • File/content sharing: quickly collaborate on key files, forms and documents as a team

"Our Security Inspections team used VMS, our natively-developed application, to document field work and share information with managers and clients. The missing piece was a robust collaboration layer – something that Intellinote brought to the table," said Don Pepper, CEO, VDI. "After we integrated VMS with Intellinote, our team's ability to gather, share and collaborate around actionable information has been greatly enhanced. The intuitive design adds to the time savings we've experienced already, and we're looking forward to expanding our partnership globally."

To learn more, or to get started with Intellinote's new Integration Platform, go to:

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