Interactive Brokers Hopes to Encourage Developer Engagement With New API strategy

Interactive Brokers, a leading forex broker-dealer, has begun tests for a Mobile API. The API will allow third-party developers to integrate with Interactive Brokers accounts. The company is recruiting developers and encourages those interested to contact the team. The Mobile API will act as an extended product offering of the Trader Workstation (TWS), which many users already engage for desktop trading.


Interactive Brokers previously announced a goal of a more comprehensive trading environment and has recently taken steps to pursue this goal. The company already released mobile applications based on TWS that run on iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Additionally, Interactive Brokers' MobileTrader app works on any device with wireless Internet connectivity. The new API strategy is designed to engage the developer community and push innovation and creativity beyond the walls of the Interactive Brokers development team.

While the Mobile API operates in beta, public Documentation is not yet available. However, Interactive Brokers has also released its mobileAM product, which is completely HTML based to avoid the need for software installs. The Mobile API has the goal of engaging third-party developers, and simplicity and widespread reach will probably be attractive aspects of the API. Stay tuned for more information on the Mobile API.

Trading platforms of all sorts continue to drive innovation with API strategies. API strategies seem to come not long after the release of a few mobile apps. Following up such releases with a public-facing API is a great opportunity for the trading market to spark the innovative juices from the developer community. Check out the latest Communique for Interactive Brokers' latest updates.  

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