The Internet of Things is about the Internet

With the amount of projects created in 2014 the year has been deemed the year of Internet of Things (IoT). From light bulbs to connected sensors the “things” have taken over and been hailed, but the wrong things are being focused on. The thing to actually focus on is the Internet.

There are two components of the IoT: Data and Access. Data creates the ability to access. Open API’s are allowing that access because any developer is able to make any device relevant on levels that have yet to be thought of. APIs also allow machines to connect with other machines, allowing the IoT to grow. Even machines that have always been connected – like stock markets – are faster and bigger.

One misconception of the Internet of Things is that everything is going to happen in the future. Right now everyone is focusing on the small connections such as smart TVs and wearable tech, but developing new industry standards based on this technology is what needs to happen.

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Why the Internet of Things narrative has to change