InternetDJ API: Make Your Off-Label Music Spin

The InternetDJ API opens this electronic music site to your app.  Since 1997 (not a typo!) composers and fans have been able to share and mix  music and videos. According to the API's website, requests are limited to 5,000 a day, responses are in JSON and an auth key is required.

Founder Michael Bordash started off in his dorm room with a passion for creating electronic music and,

"16 years later, I'm still running the site, upgrading code and creating new social music sharing features. My brother Bill writes articles often and a bunch of people help me maintain the site and refine the design. Some of the hardcore members love the site because I change something or add a new feature just about every weekend."

The site features news, a forum, and has music organized by new releases, mixes, song of the day, and many genres. Once a user signs up they can post reviews that contribute to the ranking system. Search can be done by the usual categories one would expect, genres and ratings, but also can be filtered by download rights (private or broadcast), and even type of software used to produce.

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