Interview: MediaMath Opens Access to the Facebook Exchange API

MediaMath has opened up access to an exclusive Facebook API. MediaMath's TerminalOne API now gives its clients programmatic access to the Facebook Exchange (FBX) API. Previously, the ability to work with Facebook Exchange ad inventory using an API was limited to 28 FBX partners — an elite group of technology companies and brands chosen by Facebook.

ProgrammableWeb interviewed Wilfried Schobeiri, MediaMath's senior VP of technology, to get additional information for developers about the big news.

ProgrammableWeb: What would you like to tell an API-savvy audience? 

Schobeiri: We’re excited about this release because it's a reinforcement of our commitment to our Marketing Operating System vision and to creating a customizable, interoperable Platform. We look forward to our clients taking advantage of the ever growing amount of platform functionality, much of which comes via APIs first. Using the TerminalOne API, developers can create and manage advertisers, campaigns, strategies, pixels, creatives, reporting and other T1 entities. Open APIs and a fully supported developer community (coming soon!) allow for flexible customization of solutions atop TerminalOne — from analytics and dashboards to apps enabling new features and functionality to fully customized end-to-end business solutions.  

ProgrammableWeb: Are you proxying the FBX API? 

Schobeiri: These APIs enable the buying of FBX Page Post Ads and Right Hand Side inventory, procuring the inventory directly through our Integration with FBX. It is not done via proxy. Instead, we've programmatically enabled all steps of the FBX signup and management process. From advertiser enablement to creative management, both media buying platforms and demand clients can take advantage of FBX inventory that is addressable from within MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating System.  

ProgrammableWeb: Does TerminalOne pass bids onto your clients, get a response and then send back that response to Facebook within FBX's 120-millisecond window for real-time bidding? Or do you respond directly to FBX via business rules ("custom tools") clients set up through your API? 

Schobeiri: MediaMath’s integration with FBX enables our clients to access Facebook inventory with the same rich optimization, trafficking and budget management functionality that is available across all supply partners. Our bid engine handles bid requests on behalf of our customers, relieving them of the complexity that comes with handling millions of bid requests per second globally.

ProgrammableWeb: Is there anyone else doing this out of the 28 FBX partners?   

Schobeiri: To our knowledge, there is just one other FBX partner with this capability.  

ProgrammableWeb: Where is the API Documentation located? 

Schobeiri: The API documentation is located within MediaMath's Knowledge Base, which is accessible to all of MediaMath's clients and partners and can be found at It provides supporting documentation for all aspects of the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System.

ProgrammableWeb: How do you sign up?  

Schobeiri: MediaMath clients simply need to request API access through TerminalOne support.

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