Introduction to the eversign Electronic Signature API

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All of this brings us to our third answer, that yes, eversign scales. Their popularity in Europe has made them a fast growing electronic signature companies. They're experienced at managing a high level of transactions.

About apilayer

eversign is the latest solution from apilayer, an established leader in product APIs. apilayer aims to help developers and businesses automate and outsource complex processes by serving them with dedicated and handy programming interfaces.

Two other products by apilayer include Invoicely, the invoicing platform, and the geo API, streetlayer, which I wrote about recently for ProgrammableWeb.

How You Can Use the eversign API in Your Business

If you're running websites that are primarily self-service, meaning that the customer purchases and utilizes your services online without in person interaction, you can build automation of signed contracts with the eversign api.

Say you want to use a contract template that you have previously created.. You'll upload it and use eversign's visual editor to identify multiple signers fields such as full name, company name, initials and signatures, and data fields or merge fields such as pricing levels for specific customers. You only do this once for each template.

For example, a real estate sales website such as Redfin could use eversign to more fully automate listings, offers and closings.

As customers register at your site or sign up for services, you'll use the eversign automation to request that they return to the eversign web site to electronically sign the documents and submit them.

Since most parts of eversign are optimized for mobile devices, you can manage documents and send reminders on the go, and have your signers sign documents from whatever device they receive them on.

The eversign API can automatically sign for and notify your management team with each contract. And, you can use the API to see if customers haven't signed and send them reminders.

Once signed, you can use the API to download the final signed PDF and deliver it to customers.

eversign Pricing

eversign is more affordable than Docusign, especially for larger teams. eversign's Enterprise plan offers fifteen team members for $79.99 U.S. monthly. The same plan on Docusign is likely to cost close to $600.

For individuals and small business, eversign provides free accounts with five documents per month.

eversign pricing for individuals and small businesses

The eversign API has its own pricing, separate from the front end user pricing:

eversign's seperate pricing for the API

Like other apilayer services, eversign is more oriented to international customers. Sure, they work well for U.S. but they're more eurocentric than competitors. And, they provide excellent tutorial-style documentation and API documentaion.

eversign's made the complex nature of electronic signatures straightforward with an easily understandable user interface.

Getting Started With eversign

My goal today is to give you a sense of how you might use eversign beginning with setting up your templates in the user interface. Afterwards, I'll guide you through the eversign API.

Once I show you how to configure a template in the user interface, I'll show you how you might use the API for automating delivery and management of these templates.

If you're primarily interested in learning about the API, please jump ahead. And, if you'd like to explore eversign's own product documentation and tutorials, check out its help center.

Again, most eversign users leverage its visual interface to upload templates, enumerate the fields and use drag and drop to position them. After that, they can choose to use the website to request signatures or to automate this with the API.

Of course, you can also layout fields on templates programmatically through the API. However, it's less common as it requires precise measurements and coordinates on the page for each field on forms that you create.

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