Introduction to the eversign Electronic Signature API

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Now that you understand the basics of the value of eversign services, let's get started using them!

Sign Up for Your Account

To begin, click the Sign Up Free button. You'll be asked to provide your email and password:

Sign up for your account - step 1

In step two, you'll be asked to provide information about you and your company:

Sign up for your account - step 2

Then you'll be shown the pricing and asked to select a plan. If you wish to try the free trial, click the upper right Skip for Now button:

Sign up for your account - step 3 - pricing and plan

Next, you can provide a vanity URL for your organization's signature website. Your requests to sign documents will use links with your vanity URL:

Sign-up: select a vanity URL

Then, check your email and verify your account:

Sign-up:verify information

Learn How to Use the eversign Dashboard

Once you're in the eversign Dashboard, you can begin to explore:

The eversign Dashboard

How to Configure a Template

Now, I'll walk you through uploading a sample template and configuring its fields. You'll be able to both send individual iterations of this template for signature or to use the API for automation:

There's also a video tutorial here

Click Quick Actions in the upper right and select New Template. Then, take any sample blank contract you wish to use, scan it and upload it from Choose Files:

Configure a Template - New Template

I'm using the sample agreement below. I've manually highlighted for you areas that would require signatures and data:

Configure a template - sample agreement

First, we'll add the roles for the document e.g. a buyer, a seller, a customer and a business. In my example, I'm setting up a Committee Manager and a Contractor. The Contractor in this case is part of our staff and we know her email.

Configure a template - add the roles for the document

For increased security, eversign also supports pins for signers to further verify their identity.

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