Introduction to the eversign Electronic Signature API

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Each signer receives a request to sign, here's the email to Acme Committee, my example customer:

Signature request

When recipients click on email requests, they are taken to the vanity URL for your company. A simple signing wizard is presented:

Signing wizard

Recipients can configure their eversign signatures too:

Configure your eversign signature

After signing it looks like this:

Post-signature screen

When completed, they'll have an option to store the document in their own eversign accont:

Store document in your eversign account

At any point in time, the requestor can view the status of the document and send a reminder to those who haven't yet signed:

View document status

When both parties have signed the document, everyone can download a copy of the completed, signed document.

Now, you've seen what a simple case of creating and configuring a template and gathering signatures looks like. Now, let's begin using the eversign API to automate this process.

Using the eversign API

Hope you're excited to dig into the eversign API. The company does a great job at developer documentation, let's take a look at the eversign API Documentation:

Using the eversign API

Your API Access Key

Let's get our API Access Key. Dropdown your company name on the top left side of the dashboard:

eversign API - Your API Access Key

Then, click the Developer menu, you'll see your access key and business ID:

eversign API - API dashboard

Most API calls go to an endpoint like this one with the access key:

eversign API - API call / authentication

All transactions between your application(s) and the eversign API are confidential and contain sensitive data, which is why they encrypt all datastreams using 256-bit HTTPS encryption. It's best to use the eversign API with HTTPS.

Performing eversign API Requests

In order to specify our business for each API request, we'll append the API's business_id parameter (shown blacked out earlier above):
    & access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
    & business_id = ####

Some methods have different URL endpoints. Sometimes, hash_id's are used to identify document. Hash_ids can be obtained either from the eversign website or through the API's list_documents.

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