Invest Europe: But Do Your DueDil First

Want to invest in Europe? Which companies? The Duedil API brings a simple answer to a complex problem: carrying out due diligence. How can you calculate the goodwill value if, for example, you don't have a handle on the parameters of their intellectual property? Duedil has it.

But it's not just for investors. Suppose you're looking for a new supplier. How do you know they are reliable, and solid enough to be around through the period you need them? What if they have HSE (health and safety executive) violations that would be important information for your business--how would you even know the violations had occurred?

Wait. It gets worse. Mike Butcher at TechCrunch put the problem Duedil solves in blunt terms:

"Right now around 99% of all businesses in Europe are small and medium sized enterprises, which contribute more than 50% of total value added to the EU economy. However, finding and cross-referencing information on these companies is a pain in the ass."

With a RESTful API offering a choice of response format — JSON, XML, and YML—Duedil helps you do credit checks on suppliers and partners, find new customers and build custom apps for companies in over 20 countries.

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