Involver Launches Groundbreaking Social Advertising Optimization API

Involver launched its Engagement Optimization API last week (read the official release here). Partners are utilizing the API to "optimize their ad spend on social in the way they've been doing across the web for a long time." Although advertising across social networks has been deployed for quite some time, advertisers have had limited tools to track engagement.  Facebook Insights is probably most commonly used to analyze social data. When users have required deeper analysis, the advertisers were forced to use highly custom integrations.

The Engagement Optimization API allows social advertising platforms to pull page engagement data directly from Involver's Platform. The API presents a broader market solution to social ad engagement because the platform is not tied to a single social network, nor a limited array of data sets. For instance, the API integrates with social networks beyond Facebook and provides real-time data beyond "likes" and "shares." Instead, developers can track engagement across multiple social networks at once while analyzing more telling data such as coupon downloads and contest entries.

The API has currently launched with a limited list of strategic partners. Marin Software, SocialCode, and Unified are leading social advertising companies, and prime partners to test the new API. Executives with these strategic partners have not only touted the potential of Involver's new launch, they have deemed it a vital tool in delivering the expected visibility into their customers' ad spend.

The initial launch is limited to those using Marin, SocialCode, or Unified. However, if you want to utilize the API and your advertising platform is not through one of the initial three, fill out this form for access to the API.

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