iOS 13, iPadOS Nearly Ready for Release

Apple seeded the eighth round of betas to developers this week, bringing iOS 13 and iPadOS one step closer to public release. In fact, Apple also released iOS 13 and iPadOS public beta 7 mere hours after the developer Builds. With Apple's annual iPhone event believed to be on deck for September 10, the new platforms should become available to regular people on or around September 17. That means developers have just a few short weeks to finalize their apps

First and foremost, Apple suggests all developers update to the latest version of Xcode 11 beta 5, which has specific compatibility requirements for iOS 13. 

The latest beta has a few new, but unspecified, APIs. The release notes say iOS 13 beta 8, "Added new APIs for instantiating and modifying the built-in Core Image filters." There are no details explaining exactly what these entail.  

Several functions have been deprecated. For example, the UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend key, OpenAL Framework, AUGraph, Inter-App audio, Carbon component-based Audio Units, and Legacy Core Audio HAL plug-ins are no longer supported. Workarounds are available in the iOS SDK. Similarly, Apple removed support for FTP and File URL schemes, and the URLSession and NSURLConnection APIs no longer support SPDY. 

As always, the betas include new features. For example, voice processing mode can now be enabled in AVAudioEngine and Audio Unit Extensions now support user presets across all host applications. Audio Sharing has been expanded to AirPods, PowerBeats Pro, iPhone 8 (or later), iPad Pro (2nd gen or later), iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch. In the mail app, users can now enable Ignore Blocked Senders via settings, and this also applies to Messages, FaceTime, and Phone. 

There are few fresh functions in SwiftUI, as well. Developers can now create colors from UIColor or NSColor, the text has a default line limit of nil, gesture modifiers have been renamed for consistency, and BindableObject has been replaced by ObservableObject. 

Last, the betas are still incredibly buggy. In fact, the list of known issues appears to be quite a bit longer than the list of new features. Apple says bugs continue to plague various aspects of core haptics, Find My, Health, iCloud, Music, Networking, Notes, PencilKit, RealityKit, ScreenTime, Siri, and SWIFT. That's a lot of bugs!

Even so, time marches on. With a release date as soon as mid-September, Apple and developers alike have fewer than four weeks to wrap things up.

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