iOS 13.4 Includes CarKey API, Enables NFC Car Keys

Apple has recently announced the beta version of iOS 13.4 and developers have noticed an exciting new API that may portend all-new iOS features. The new CarKey API that has been found in the latest release is expected to allow iOS users to unlock their cars using NFC (near-field communication).

9to5Mac was the first to report the new API and their coverage notes that there is evidence to support the idea that this new API will enable new features within Apple’s existing Wallet application. To take advantage of the new functionality iOS users would need to have a car with NFC enabled. The setup would happen in the Apple Wallet application where it appears that users would be redirected to authorize this functionality in the car manufacturer’s app. Once the setup process is finished users would be able to unlock their car by holding their phone on the car’s NFC reader.

It also appears that these “CarKeys’ may be shareable, allowing a car owner to easily provide access to their car to family or friends. It appears that Apple is working with car manufacturers to enable this feature. As a result, it is possible that these features may not be released at the same time as the rest of iOS 13.4. 

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