The IoT Enters a 20 Year Prototyping Phase

"Things" plugging into the IoT realm are changing rapidly, not only in number but in scale and complexity. The IoT is part of an evolving consumer space determined largely by taste, style, and culture. One needs only to look at the varieties of multi-colored leather bands offered with Apple's Watch to see that IoT commodities are intermingled with fashion trends. This early into the game, one might go as far to call all IoT devices prototpyes.

So when will this prototyping phase come to an end? Claust Jensen, writing for IBM, thinks it won't any time soon. He estimates a 20 year productivity boom for this new data highway, with information as the flowing asset of exchange. In this new economy, insights rule strategy, APIs arbiter collection and control, and platforms dominate the system in it's entirety. Within an industry leveraging so much evolution, businesses need to be self-optimizing, monitoring all these evolving systems with careful observation.

Similar to Formula 1 race cars, current technology is being used for a single race, and then we're reinventing it all over again. But from healthcare, shipment tracking, Platform/hosting, and to aging utility systems, there is an abundance of opportunities for using the "APIs of things" model to construct smarter, long-lasting systems that are more than fashionable prototypes, and we're just getting started.

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APIs and the Internet of Things – Everything is a Prototype