IoTerop Announces IOWA Evaluation SDK

IoTerop, a provider of IoT device management solutions, has announced the general availability of the company’s IOWA Evaluation SDK. The evaluation SDK, which is a stripped-back version of the Full IOWA SDK, aims to lower the barrier of entry for developers looking to work with IoT deployments on constrained networks and devices.

With free access to the evaluation SDK, developers are able to take advantage of IoTerop’s suite of security features including “end-to-end Authentication & Encryption at the device, application, & data-transport level.” In addition to powerful security features, IoTerop touts a minimal client footprint (30KB Flash and 5KB RAM). Noting the importance of design for constrained environments, IoTerop’s CTO Jacques Bourhis stated that “IOWA lets developers build IoT solutions for the most constrained IoT environments in a fraction of the time it normally takes…”

The Full IOWA SDK provides a more robust feature set, including full IPSO Objects, TCP Transport, and LWM2M 1.1 data formats. Check out the documentation for additional features and pricing. 

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