IPhone Video Chat Now Plug-and-Play

The company that turned away from 2 million users to focus on developers has announced a new way to integrate with its TokBox OpenTok API. The video chat Platform is now available on iOS to create face-to-face applications. Using the new SDK, developers can integrate video chat into any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad app.

The iOS SDK explains how to get started on the platform that has been used by American Idol to host live video chats with fans and Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter and Square, to talk entrepreneurship.

TokBox's announcement post explains its platform strategy:

To make OpenTok fully interoperable (yes, your OpenTok-powered iPhone or iPad apps seamlessly communicate with your OpenTok-powered websites), the TokBox team has been working very hard to transparently evolve our cloud infrastructure on many levels. Some of those changes will soon ripple back to benefit the OpenTok web environment. Together, they pave the way for an OpenTok ecosystem that is completely Endpoint neutral and that takes advantage of the best technology available on each platform we target.

It was almost a year ago that TokBox first talked mobile. And last August is when Google and Facebook pushed TokBox into the spotlight with offerings around video chat, including the Google Plus Hangouts API.

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