IQVIA HealthCare Locator SDK Provides Detail on Millions of Healthcare Providers

IQVIA, a health information technology and clinical research solution provider, has announced a new HealthCare Locator SDK that provides developers with access to a healthcare information database that includes the details of 21.5 million healthcare providers and 2.5 million healthcare organizations globally.

IQVIA’s database, which the company claims is the most comprehensive of its type in the world, is updated daily and is intended to help provide patients with the most up-to-date information on care providers in their area. The SDK that helps expose this data is open-source and has libraries available for JavaScript, iOS, and Android. By facilitating developer Integration with the database, IQVIA simplifies the process of integrating mobile health applications with provider details that include title, name, professional type, specialty, and provider address. 

Additionally, the SDK is designed to provide a bi-directional relationship between end-users and the information included in the database. Users are able to provide feedback on the quality of directory assets and help ensure that the information provided is accurate and useful. Users are also able to forward provider details to friends and family via either email or SMS.

IQVIA is working to expand the useability of the database across the globe, with Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, and Turkish currently supported and more languages on the way. 

The company has launched a dedicated portal for this new tool and has included developer documentation that includes a quick start guide, example integrations, and FAQ. The SDK is free to test and then pricing is based on usage and requires an annual maintenance fee. 

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