iSpeech Launches Platform for Publishers That Provides Tools to Convert Text-Based Content Into Quality Audio

iSpeech, a leading provider of speech technology solutions and mobile applications, has just announced the launch of the iSpeech Publishing Platform which makes it possible to convert text from books, websites, mobile applications and other text-based content into human quality audio. iSpeech also provides a suite of Text to Speech APIs and SDKs for developers to use in web and mobile applications.


Image Credit: iSpeech

The iSpeech Publishing Platform was created so that publishers of all types and technical skill levels can easily convert text-based content into human quality audio at a relatively low cost. There are three methods of text to speech conversion that publishers can choose from:

  • Drop In Widget - A copy and paste embed code for web and mobile sites.
  • Publishing Tool - A web-based system that converts PDF versions of text books.
  • Text-to-Speech API - A cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) featuring a Text to Speech API and SDKs.

iSpeech also announced that Evernote and Pearson are the first companies to use the iSpeech Publishing Platform and additional partners will be added soon. iSpeech Founder and CEO Heath Ahrens says in the press release:

"As an auditory learner, I’ve always preferred listening to content over reading it. I am excited to launch this platform today with both Evernote and Pearson and take a big step towards making all the world’s content accessible via audio."

Publishers interested in using the iSpeech Publishing Platform can find more information on the official website. Developers interested in using the iSpeech API can find detailed information in the API Developer Guide.

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