IT Managers Need To Rethink Security Measures

IT security is becoming more and more a serious topic. Target’s recent breach marked the first time a major CEO had been dismissed due to an IT problem, but it could get much worse. The old thinking was that if data Encryption was implemented on the infrastructure level, that it would ensure security everywhere. Though, this model is breachable, as their are still flaws in monitoring usage. According to Steve Herrod of General Catalyst Partners, security needs to be enhanced, to the point that IT is “building data security into the array itself.” 

Increased data security needs to be implemented everywhere. From eCommerce to cloud services, their traditional security methods can’t keep up with new technologies, and if breached, are prone to “higher fines, tighter regulations, and increased publicity of breaches” than ever before. Mountains of unstructured data exists in the form of XML, PDFs, Word documents, and more. The next steps in developing new technologies need to consider how to delete, tier, and understand permissions for the large amount of data that we store. Tools for these problems, as well as for figuring out identity incongruencies, governing API access, and tracking use cases, are being developed by new startups using innovative techniques to help secure the next generation of cloud technologies.


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