Iteris Expands Digital Farming API Portfolio

Iteris, applied informatics provider for the transportation and agriculture industries, has announced APIs for its EvapoSmart and IMFocus solutions. The APIs provide programmatic access to environmental data that improve precision irrigation, allied agriculture, and turf management products and services.

"Irrigation management requires continual analysis of a complex array of factors from weather and soil conditions to land topography, plant type and crop maturity," Caleb Midgley, Iteris irrigation solutions product manager, commented in a press release. "Derived from ClearAg's 35-year-histrocial and forecast weather and backed by sophisticated land-surface modeling, EvapoSmart and IMFocus APIs will help customers optimize irrigation scheduling, water conservation, and plant uptake while reducing watering costs."

The EvapoSmart API provides historical and predictive weather information. Such information is provided for any global location. Additionally, the API provides water budget calculations based on irrigation-specific weather data. Finally, the API delivers insights on evapotranspiration, crop coefficients, crop potential evapotranspiration, precipitation levels, and additional parameters.

The IMFocus API tracks water levels at the plant root zone, irrigation activity by hardware type, soil moisture value prediction, soil texture, plant growth, terrain information, and more. In turn, the API makes recommendations regarding irrigation, energy  use and cost, water use and cost, and water allocation.

Both APIs fall within Iteris' ClearAg Platform. The ClearAg open digital farming platform already has an impressive API portfolio, which it continues to build. Check out the docs to learn more.

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