iTravel2000 to Integrate WestJet Direct API for Booking and Ticketing

WestJet, a low-cost Canadian airline, has announced that iTravel2000 intends to integrate the WestJet Direct API to book and ticket air travel. In addition to the API Integration, iTravel2000 will become a WestJet-certified conforming channel early next year. The certification will permit  iTravel2000 to continue access to WestJet's best possible prices and ancillary products.

Bob Cummings, WestJet's executive vice president of sales, marketing and guest experience, commented:

"WestJet is excited to see travel-trade partners like iTravel2000 working to provide guests with the best available content we have to offer, including our newly introduced fare options and ensuing availability of choice for travelers. ... As a company, we are very excited about working with visionaries like iTravel2000, which realize that merchandising is important to guests, agencies and the airlines."

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In less than 20 years, Calgary-based WestJet has risen to be a top Canadian airline. It has ambitions to become one of the top five international airlines globally by 2016. iTravel2000 complements WestJet's goals because it stands as one of Canada's largest travel companies with a forward-thinking web presence. The tighter integration between the two ensures the most current data as well as streamlined customer service.

Rose Cosentino, iTravel2000's vice president of sales and product, said:

"We are pleased about leveraging the WestJet Direct API to ensure iTravel2000 will have the best content and pricing available to consumers."

ProgrammableWeb has seen a flurry of new integrations between airlines and third-party service providers. The heated competition among travel companies means these companies rely heavily on the best data possible. New API integrations deliver real-time data to travelers, and tighter integration delivers better data--and a better chance of success in a crowded marketplace.

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