It's All About The Money: Twitter Partners With HootSuite

As we've seen with Twitter's announcement of the changes to the new Twitter API, the company's main focus seems to be on enterprise and of course, the bottom line. This becomes even more evident with the news that HootSuite (an enterprise-driven Twitter client) is partnering with Twitter to sell advertising on Twitter.

It all kicks off with a promotion that will give 30 000 HootSuite Pro Premium clients $100 vouchers towards ads on Twitter, redeemable through the HootSuite dashboard. This comes as part of Twitter's endeavours to target small to medium businesses for advertising.

A Twitter spokesperson says, "As with all of our advertising efforts, we are being thoughtful and deliberate in how we roll out self-serve to all kinds of small and local businesses. We are testing out various ways to roll out this offering, including offers to Twitter users by companies like HootSuite." TechCrunch suggests that according to a source, "a deeper partnership between the two may be in the works".

There are several factors that point to an established relationship between HootSuite and Twitter:

  • The above mentioned advertising promotion
  • Twitter's endorsement of HootSuite recently while it was cutting itself off from other developers that create more consumer-focused clients
  • Twitter is one of the primary outlets for HootSuite's social media dashboard users

According to its actions, it seems Twitter is focused on putting all its eggs into self-serving and highly profitable baskets.

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