iZento Announces Production Release of Vacation API

Travel technology company iZento has announced the production release of its Vacation API + ClientBase Connector. The API collects booking data input and converts the data into a comprehensive travel itinerary in a matter of minutes. The ClientBase Connector extends the same functionality to ClientBase users with no extra input necessary by travel agent users. The ClientBase Connector also includes quality-control features that minimize errors and raise the quality of the data. 


"From large-scale agencies and consortia groups to host agencies and agents themselves, the resounding feedback about the new ClientBase-iZento Connector is that of excitement to start using the system because it's far more than a revolutionary trip consolidator. It is also a cool selling and training tool that helps agencies and agents increase revenue and raise the quality of customer data," iZento co-founder Judy Roberts said in a press release.

IZento launches the production version of the API and ClientBase Connector after beta testing and client previews by agencies, agents and consortia groups. The new offering not only simplifies itinerary creation, it also offers agencies new capabilities and revenue streams.

"Agencies love the idea of getting marketing dollars from ads that can be incorporated into the trip journals … not to mention the added revenue agents can get using the ‘recommended tours’ feature to drive ancillary sales," explained Julie Durham, director of sales, ClientBase, and TRAMS products and services. "Plus, the API features insightful destination guides included for free. With all of those winning benefits delivered automatically in a polished document with complete trip details, it’s easy to see how the new API helps travel professionals make more money and really allows them to shine."

The booking details automatically imported by the API include air, hotel, car rental, rail, cruises, tours, transfers and insurance.The API packages the information and creates an itinerary that includes a daily agenda for the trip, calendar, city maps and robust city guides. Travel agencies can customize itineraries with logos, contact details, agency-recommended tours and ads. 

Agencies have poured out praise for the API + ClientBase Connector. The iZento offering adds a new level of ease for itinerary creation and quality control. The combination should help agents attract new business and retain clients for future business. To learn more, visit iZento's website and consider testing the API with a 30-day free trial. 

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