JackBe Issues Challenge to Define Enterprise Mashup

Mashup software provider JackBe has issued a challenge for folks to come up with a user-friendly (read: non-techie) definition of the term enterprise mashup. Although you won't necessarily earn much money (a $50 Amazon gift card), you will earn the honorary title: "Mashup CEO."

According to their blog, the leadership at JackBe decided to issue this challenge after their CEO appeared on TV and when asked to define mashup he gave an answer, but admittedly "could have done better." The video from Fox Business news is here:

Rather than burying the issue, the folks at JackBe decided to engage the help of the mashup community to come up with a definition suitable for general consumption. The JackBe blog gives some additional clarification:

Keep it short and snappy if ya can. No tech-speak is allowed. Feel free to use a metaphor or an example. Just a few sentences is all that's really required. Or you can get fancy and submit a video. (Videos are certainly preferred.) Whatever you think makes the best definition.

Think you can beat the JackBe CEO? Post a reply to the 'Beat the CEO' forum thread, or send an email to chris@jackbe.com. We're looking forward to checking out the winners in the coming weeks.

[Hat tip: ZDNet's Joe McKendrick]

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