Jacoti Inthear API Enables Hearing Loss Compensation Across Devices

Jacoti, state of the art hearing solutions provider, has released the Inthear hearing loss compensation module and a corresponding API. Inthear is a software Library that applies hearing loss compensation to audio signals. The API is used by all Jacoti products to allow cross- Platform use. Inthear has received one of the industry's first ISO and CE approvals for a software-based hearing aid.

Jacques Kinsbergen, Jacoti CEO, commented:

"Receiving a Quality Management ISO 13485 certification and CE Mark approval for one of the first medical software applications and the first software hearing aid in the world demonstrates the ability of our team to efficiently design, develop and gain regulatory approval for innovative products that build a bridge between medical and consumer technology, one that is safe, effective and reliable."

Jacoti's mission is to create state of the art hearing solutions accessible and affordable for hearing impaired individuals throughout the world. Traditionally, hearing aid capacity has been tied to the limits of hardware capacity. A software approach to hearing solutions allows engineers to push the bounds of capacity and deliver solutions over more devices, with less dependence on expensive hardware. The API approach gives developers the possibility of integrating Jacoti's innovative hearing solutions with existing, or generic hardware.

Jacoti is currently recruiting developers and researchers to join it in testing and expanding API development. Jacoti wrote the API in C++ but would like to expand the API to new platforms. For those interested in supporting the research efforts, contact the team.

Throughout Jacoti's web presence, a viewer sees the phrase "Hearing Without Barriers." Jacoti not only realizes the need for more effective and affordable hearing solutions, it has dedicated itself to providing such services to all people in need of hearing assistance throughout the world. Dr. Mohan Kameswaran, ENT, affirms that "losing the ability to 'listen'...[can] be a burden throughout an individual's life, with major social and economic impact." Jacoti desires to arm everybody with the ability to listen.

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