Jawbone Swings Open the Doors to Its Fitness Tracking API

Jawbone, the company that lets you track daily activities through a small UP wristband, announced Thursday it is opening up its UP developer platform to the world. Developers everywhere can now interact with Jawbone data in their own products and services.

Jawbone’s UP developer platform includes documentation, the ability to manage connected apps, and trouble shooting through the developer community and Jawbone engineers. The company says it will roll out additional features over the coming month.

The Jawbone UP device, which now sales for $130, first came onto the market in November. The lightweight wristband tracks everything you do, including how many calories you consume, steps you travel, and hours you sleep.

The fitness tracking company originally announced its API back in April, but the API was closed and only available to a small group of 10 companies, including RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal and IFTTT.

Fitbit and Nike Fuelband offer similar products to Jawbone. Both of these companies also offer APIs, although the Nike Fuelband API is only available to select developers. Jawbone hopes that by opening its API, it will grow its user base through a generation of innovative new fitness apps.

Jawbone also announced Thursday that it plans to take part is a series of upcoming codeathons in partnership with the Ace Hotel, Tumblr, and the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Health Matters Initiative.


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