Jaxsta Announced Music Credentials API

Jaxta is an online music credentials Resource that was founded in 2015 with the aim of ensuring that music creators get the credit that they are due. The company now operates a massive database of music credits and has announced an API to expose this data for third-party use.

Earlier this year at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, Jaxsta announced the new API along with the introduction of the ‘Behind the Music’ campaign. This initiative is a collaboration with The Recording Academy and serves to improve visibility for all the people involved in the music industry that normally remain unheard of. Jaxsta’s announcement of the campaign noted the role that the API plays in this initiative:

"The Jaxsta metadata API and data solution for digital service providers or third parties is a key part of the Jaxsta B2B software Platform that has become an authoritative source of music metadata from major and independent record labels, publishers, royalty agencies and industry associations across the globe. This commercial API can enhance existing content, improve internal databases and systems and offer opportunities for innovative user experiences."

This API appears to be private and public Documentation could not be found. 

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