JETCO Launches Hong Kong-based Open Banking API Exchange

Hong Kong-based Joint Electronic Tellers Services Limited (JETCO), a cross-bank ATM service, announced the launch of the JETCO APIX exchange Platform. The platform provides access to over 200 APIs from 13 banks. The APIs include banking services such as deposit, Forex, loans, investment, insurance, safe deposit box, Branch, ATM and more.

"JETCO APIX enables banks to connect with third-party service providers and exchange product and service information easily via API integrations, which will significantly reduce the time required for them to build up business relationships," JETCO CEO, Angus Choi, commented in a press release. "Open banking is a global trend that will help drive innovations and enhance the competitiveness of the local financial industry."

The API is open to customers across industries. Third party service providers and app developers will gain access to 13 major banks in the geography (i.e. The Bank of East Asia, Bank of Communications (Hong Kong), Citibank, China Construction Bank, Chong Hing Bank, China CITIC Bank International, CMB Wing Lung Bank, Dah Sing Bank, Fubon Bank (Hong Kong), ICBC (Asia), OCBC Wing Hang Bank, Public Bank (Hong Kong) and Shanghai Commercial Bank). This open communication between banks and developers should allow for cross-industry collaboration and new products and services to streamline banking with enhanced security.

APIX is an open API exchange. The exchange is built with IBM's API Connect. Accordingly, the exchange uses a standardized approach with API management capabilities, secured APIs, and a developer self-service Portal. Interested developers can register by signing up at the APIX site. Registrants will receive a Sandbox environment to test the APIs out.

Visit the API Products site to understand the individual bank APIs available through the exchange. If you would like to include your API within the exchange, reach out to the APIX team. What started as a simple cross-bank ATM network has entered the API-age and is providing cutting edge, open banking technology.

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