JetSetMe Has Something to Show You

JetSetMe is a project that visually displays the roaming habits of mobile phones that operate on the O2 network. The company Provides the JetSetMe API that allows developers to create applications that make use of this data. In the United Kingdom O2, owned by Telefónica, is the second-largest telecommunications provider. JetSetMe taps into network resources to access the information necessary to understand how users move throughout Europe. JetSetMe explains the process:

“When a mobile phone crosses into a different country a message is sent to its home network letting that network know that the phone is in another country. We're simply using information that we need to run and operate the network. That information is shown here as a visualisation.”

The interactive visualization shows a map of Europe and highlights travel statistics related to network users coming and going.

The RESTFUL JetSetMe API returns data formatted in JSON and could be used in many ways. The company created the API in hopes of collaborating with developers on projects. The API is one of 175 location APIs that are listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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