Jinni Expands API to Find Movies and TV to Satisfy Everyone's Preference

Jinni, television and movie taste engine, has expanded its API to include a feature that discovers movies and shows that more than one viewer will enjoy: Watch Together. The Watch Together feature expands the discovery engine API to include social functionality (e.g. makes recommendations based on the tastes of multiple, disparate tastes). Based on multiple profiles of a group that would like to watch a show together, Watch Together makes a recommendation. Jinni Co-founder and CEO, Yosi Glick, explained:

"You may have hundreds of friends on social networks, but only a few have similar taste in TV and movies....TV is a naturally social experience and ‘watch together’ was developed to harness the power of social networks to find the perfect content and friends to watch it with, so people can stop wasting time searching and spend more time enjoying great shows and movies."

Jinni created the Movie Genome to differentiate itself from generic social sites and focus specifically on recommending television and movies based on specific likes and dislikes of a particular user. Based on extensive knowledge of the internet, media, psychology, algorithms, systems, and continuous internal arguments, the Movie Genome powers one of the most unique social discovery tools on market today. Watch Together simply expands its functionality to address the indisputable fact that people like to watch shows together.

The Jinni API uses SOAP protocol and returns calls in an XML data format. The API has three broad categories: search, discovery, and recommendations. The Watch Together functionality uses input from multiple profiles to recommend potential shows and movies. For more information, visit the API site.

Access to television shows and movies continues to increase in ubiquity and universal access. Whether a viewer chooses to watch at a theater, through a television, or on a mobile device; Jinni can recommend shows and movies that should suit the viewer's interest. With a continued emphasis on viewing preferences, Jinni has carved out a niche that separates itself from typical social networks.

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