Jitterbit Launches Summer '18 Version of Harmony iPaaS Solution

Jitterbit, Integration Platform as a service solution provider, recently announced the latest version of its Harmony IPaaS offering. The Summer '18 version focuses on interconnecting modern cloud services. While Summer '18 ensures that the platform is up to date with cutting edge cloud services, the goal of the platform remains the same: simplify the ability to integrate and manage APIs with click-based, low-code solutions.

"Harmony Summer '18 is the first integration and API platform that realizes the industry vision of a unified solution for all personas and use cases, rather than a tool aimed solely at either technical developers or citizen integrations," Jitterbit CSP and CMO, Simon Peel, commented in a company announcement. "By bringing together the widest range of self-service integration recipes and certified connectors, along with the most comprehensive API creation and management tools, Jitterbit's goal is to continue to enjoy unequivocal support from our customers."

The Summer '18 release includes 500 pre-built sample profiles. Such profiles include APIs from enterprise application providers such as Salesforce, NetSuite, ServiceNow, Amazon S3, Box and SAP S/4HANA, and more. Additionally, the release includes security features that go beyond GDPR requirements. Other Summer '18 enhancements include a customer dashboard with landing page for at-a-glance views, improved single sign-on Authentication, enhanced Management Console Scheduler, and more.

Those interested in trying Harmony, can sign up for a 30 day free trial. For more details on Harmony, visit the Harmony Specs. If you have specific questions, Jitterbit encourages you to contact its experts.

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