The Jive APIs: Social Intranet For Business and Customers

Jive is bringing the social intranet to business and has Javascript and REST APIs. Think Facebook for internal corporate connectivity. Among its many enhancements that "Jive turns your company into an engine of innovation. It breaks down silos, makes it much easier for people to connect and share insights, and ensures that the best ideas rise to the top."

Discussing the value of Jive's social intranet, Ben Verwaayen, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent and the parent company of Programmableweb, shows how it speeds up effort,

"Engage gives us the freedom of open exchange and collaboration. It allows our people to act as a virtual team, wherever they are in the world. The result is a more engaged, more productive organization."

According to a case study of the company's adoption, Jive has had major business impacts, including creating a more open culture,

"In responses to internal surveys, Alcatel-Lucent employees say Engage has made it easier to reach people, to find information and experts, and to stay informed on the company and its direction. “If you add up all the time savings and improved employee collaboration, that’s a tremendous business impact,” says Haran Sold, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Business Operations."

A mark of success is that competition in the business social intranet space is heating up with the likes of Jostle. According to a press release posted by Kirk Falkoner of PeHub. Jostle just announced $3.1 million in new funding,

"Jostle’s cloud-based People Engagement® Platform is the next-generation intranet that helps organizations around the globe enable their employees and drive their culture, in simple and engaging ways."

With Jive showing that adopting businesses can get a 15% rise in productivity, a 13% increase in sales per rep, and a 23% reduction in new rep ramp time, among improvements in other metrics, the innovations in this space are striking. Striking enough to declare the early winner in this rivalry: the clients and their customers.

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