On the Job with the o*net API: US Department of Labor Exports Career Data

Are you at a career crossroads? Or are you a developer trying to help those who are and those who needs data on the world of work? According to the US Department of Labor's o*net, their Resource center is " the nation's primary source of occupational information." The site can be used to download the O*NET database, career exploration tools, job analysis questionnaires, employer guides, and technical reports."The o*net API makes their data available for use in your apps.

A reference manual explains the data returned. Access requires HTTP Basic Authentication.

An interactive demo is available to show what kinds of data are returned by this REST API. Questions are presented and responses given in order to suggest occupations that match interests. The API can group job definitions by skills, personality traits and technology involved.

With a special section on green jobs, O*net makes it clear they stay up to date. Indicative of how they organize the job taxonomy, within just this green segment it is subdivided into rnewable energy, transportation, energy efficiency, green construction, and environment protection, to name a few.

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