Joberate Opens API Access to Job Seeking Data Analytics Platform

Joberate, a talent search and people analytics technology platform, announced new API access to its platform. The Joberate platform provides unique data and metadata regarding job seeking behavior of people around the world. Traditionally, Joberate has offered access to its platform in a SaaS model. Now, API access allows companies to directly integrate the Joberate platform with HRIS, ATS, CRM and other systems that companies rely on in their every day operations.

"Launching this new version of our API marks a significant milestone in Joberate's development," Joberate CEO, Michael Beygelman, commented in a press release. "Any modern system can now initiate a request for specific job seeking attributes through our API, and Joberate will return actionable information back to their systems so that recruiters, HR business partners, key executives, and other users never have to leave their native system's environment."

Joberate's platform aggregates and analyzes internet-made publicly available data regarding job seeking behavior. Joberate creates a Career Oriented Attribute profile for each job seeker it finds. Once a profile is created, Joberate's AI and machine learning engines enhance such profiles with certain metadata (e.g. J-Score). Joberate's J-Score measures job seeking tendency with a high J-Score indicating a high level of job seeking activity and a low J-Score indicating lower job seeking activity.

The API provides access to almost 30 specific attributes related to job seeking activities directly into integrated systems. Joberate has not publicly published an API docs at this time. It encourages those interested to reach out to the company. Alternatively, to see the platform in action, request a demo here.

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