Jobseekers Invited to "Apply Via API"

Forget uploading resumes or filling out forms on some job board. Backend-as-a-service company Parse is inviting potential hires to apply via its Parse API. In what initially looks like an added barrier to entry, the company is hoping its cheeky and geeky move will attract the sort of developers who think in JSON.

All that's required is your name, email address, a message describing why you'd be a great fit and an array of URLs. Oh, and be sure to set the Content-Type as application/json, but I'm sure you'd have done that by habit, right?

In a highly competitive market for developers, is Parse making it harder for people to apply? For the right fit, the company might be making it easier.

For those interested, you can see the details of the application process or read our overview of Parse.

Via Luis Abreu

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