Join The Global Classroom With The Khan Academy API

For some, pursuing further education is impractical or simply unaffordable. In such cases, having the option to study from wherever is convenient and without the burden of cost would be an invaluable gift. The Khan Academy is working to provide a solution and the Khan Academy API is helping to spread the wealth.

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free online education. The site's resources are available to anyone, anywhere and includes extensive learning material on subjects such as Math, Science, Computer Science, Humanities and Finance and Economics. Users have access to over 3400 learning videos, specifically created for viewing on a computer.

In addition to the videos, students have access to practice tools that help them to test their knowledge and learn further. The Khan Academy keeps track of everything the learner does, using this data to expose helpful statistics to users and their coaches. As an extra incentive, students get to earn badges and points for their achievements.

The Khan Academy is also a great tool for coaches, teachers and parents as it provides them with ideas, valuable teaching material and the ability to accurately monitor a student's progress.

The Khan Academy API provides access to nearly all of the Khan Academy data via a RESTful API that outputs JSON. Unauthenticated API calls provide information about The Khan Academy's Library organised in playlists, individual videos or individual exercises, as well as information about the badges. Authenticated API calls provide information about the logged in user. Developers can go to the Khan Academy website for more information.

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