Join ProgrammableWeb in Austin for some IPAs over APIs

Are you based in or near Austin, Texas? Well, if you are, I hope you'll be able to join me on Thursday, August 24, 2017 for an impromptu meetup about application programming interfaces (APIs) while sampling some IPA beers!  The beers are on MuleSoft (parent company to ProgrammableWeb) who is hosting the event and it should be a fun time for all.  There will be a short panel discussion during which we'll talk about the pros and cons of exposing APIs to the public, the benefits of microservices, and much more as we'll be looking to learn from each others' successes and failures with APIs.

I'm personally hoping to meet both developers and API providers to hear more about how things are going for you and to collect some fodder for future articles that I'll be writing here on ProgrammableWeb. Even better, maybe I'll meet a few opinionated folks that want to contribute their own thoughts as articles for the benefit of ProgrammableWeb's many readers. 

We'll be gathering at Green Light Social at 720 West 6th Street in Austin at around 5pm and the event will probably run for about 3 hours. Here's where to sign up.

After that, who knows what?!  I'm a big fan of the blues (I dabble a bit myself on guitar). So maybe we'll find some live music after. If you're a local and know the territory, feel free to come and steer us in the right direction. Or maybe we'll just stay at Green Light Social. After all, its motto is "Come Early, Stay Late, Get Lucky." OK, I can promise you that you won't have to stay late to get lucky. We'll all get lucky if there are a few learnings we can take home from the exchange of ideas, information, and best practices.  Alrighty! Hope to you see you there!

Brick Wall outside Green Light Social in Austin, TX that says Come Early, Stay Late, Get Lucky


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