Join Today's Bloc TechTalk: Build a Singing Telegram with Twilio

Bloc, an online coding bootcamp, is providing an introductory TechTalk with Twilio developer evangelist Eddie Zaneski at 5:00 pm PDT today that will cover how to create a singing telegram app using Twilio, NodeJS, and the Spotify API. Bloc TechTalks are live online broadcasts that cover trends, best practices, news, and other aspects of development and design.

The main objective of the TechTalk is to teach participants how to use NodeJS, Twilio, and the Spotify API to build a simple application that can accept song requests via SMS and can return a call-back with a song. There will be a brief overview of NodeJS, an asynchronous, event-driven JavaScript runtime that features npm, a package manager and very large ecosystem of open source, reusable code libraries. The TechTalk will then cover how to build the application using NodeJS, Twilio, and the Spotify API.

Twilio provides APIs that developers can use to integrate SMS, MMS, voice calling, video calling, and other communications capabilities with applications. The Spotify API provides programmatic access to Spotify music catalog data/metadata for artists, albums, and tracks. The Spotify API also allows applications to manage user playlists and saved music.

This Block TechTalk with Twilio developer evangelist Eddie Zaneski will begin at 5:00 PDT today. Participants can work on the application during the broadcast or can get a copy of the recorded broadcast. Participants may also ask questions during the broadcast.

Visit the Bloc website to register for today's TechTalk.

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