JSON Continues its Winning Streak Over XML

API providers and developers are making their choice quite clear when it comes to choosing between XML and JSON. A nearly unanimous choice seems to be JSON. Several API providers, including Twitter, have either stopped supporting the XML format or are even introducing newer versions of their API with only JSON support. In our ProgrammableWeb API directory, JSON seems to be the winner.

A couple of items are of interest this week in the XML versus JSON debate. We had earlier reported that come early December, Twitter plans to stop support for XML in its Streaming API. So in case you are late into this news, the deadline is Dec 6th. If your app still expects XML, you need to move quickly on that.

James Clark has written an interesting post titled XML vs the Web. He states several reasons for JSON being adopted of late: a simple and short specification and a combination of JSON with a dynamic programming language is probably the key to its ease of Integration, simplicity and adoption across the web community. The blog post is worth reading since it balances the good work that has been done by XML and various tools/frameworks that have been built upon it. The best path ahead, according to James, is to take the best of XML and make it work well with the what the Web community wants, such as HTML5, JavaScript and JSON.

What is your take on the JSON versus XML debate? Or does it not matter anymore since JSON is widely accepted and you would rather focus on your application rather than worry about the data format war and relative arguments depending on which side you are?