The JudoPay API: Part of the British Firm's M-Commerce Solution

If you're building an app to manage mobile payments in Britain, just how will your clients close the deal? The shopping cart is one thing, but the one-click payment is a hairball of banking regulations and security most developers aren't prepared for. The JudoPay API is one leg of a three-legged stool designed to handle this, with the other legs of JudoAcquire and JudoSettle making up the JudoPlatform. The company joins a crowded field of 208 ecommerce APIs in our directory, though only a few of them are focused on Britain.

JudoPay is a RESTful API that handles the PCI compliance, a term familiar to merchants around the globe--you have to have a site that is PCI compliant to charge cards. JudoAcquire gives your clients merchant accounts while avoiding fraud and regulatory risk. JudoSettle allows you to hold transactions and take a portion for your services while sending the rest to the user.

The whole process sounds complex but getting going is a simple series of steps: fill out an application, receive login details, build your app, submit it for approval and then select your price package and go live.

Pricing is by volume of amount charged.

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