Jumio Launches SDK for E-Passport Authentication Via NFC

Jumio, a provider of AI-powered identity verification services, has announced a new biometric passport Authentication SDK. This new SDK supports NFC reading capability to allow developers to seamlessly integrate photo and touch-based identity verification services into applications. 

Jumio notes that increasingly identification counterfeiters are able to access high-end printing supplies, access to this equipment makes security measures in out of date identification almost worthless. As global identity verification systems begin to update to biometric standards to help combat fraud, developers are being tasked with building applications that process this data. The new SDK from Jumio aims to help developers with this, the blog post announcement noted that:

“In general, for identity verification, mobile SDKs provide the best results in terms of User Experience, fraud detection/deterrence, and quality of data extraction. By incorporating this new NFC reading capability, Jumio can further enhance the onboarding experience for users and business customers by supporting e-passports.”

Currently, the functionality provided by the SDK is limited to processing e-passports. 

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