Jumpseller API Brings Ecommerce Capabilities to Existing Websites

Jumpseller allows users to create online stores without technical know how. The Jumpseller API allows users to incorporate Jumpseller features directly with an existing website. An online store typically requires infrastructure, front end and back end set up, ongoing maintenance, and more. Jumpseller aims to take care of such details so store owners can focus on growing business.

Jumpseller launched its first product in 2009. Roughly a year later, Jumpseller enjoyed thousands of customers, expanded territory, and funding to launch globally. With the Jumpseller API, Jumpseller expanded its functionality further by enabling existing business owners to integrate Jumpseller functionality with existing sites and tools. Jumpseller gives owners the flexibility to connect with customers across multiple platforms and accept multiple payment methods.

The Jumpseller API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Although the API continues to progress through beta, Jumpseller plans on expanding functionality and methods as feedback grows. For more information, visit the API site.

An online presence has become vital and has served as the launching pad for many small business owners. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs cannot afford the development or infrastructure to create and maintain an effective online presence. Jumpseller looks to lower the cost and skill barrier to an effective web store. Jumpseller's API strategy enables retailers with an existing web presence to start selling online and streamlines the transaction/collection process.

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