Just Play The Music! Multiple Sources Welcome: Toma.hk API

For music fans who enjoy listening to playlists on their laptops or desktops, Tomahawk is a music player with a few extra bells and whistles that may be of some interest. It's an open-source, cross- Platform music player, which means it enables a user to play music stored on their own hard drives as well as from a variety of other music sources like Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube and more. The Toma.hk API makes this functionality available to developers or users to add songs to websites.


What makes Tomahawk different from other music players is that it enables users to install its content resolvers, which basically work as plug-ins that search for music from a number of other streaming services, using their search APIs. So, when a user wants to play a song, Tomahawk will find the most appropriate source to provide that particular audio track. Tomahawk also allows users to access music from their Tomahawk friends' computers, access music from their work computers while they're on their home computers and so on. Some may have concerns that this kind of P2P streaming when it comes to music may have copyright implications, but others argue that because it doesn't actually download the audio to a user's machine that it isn't a problem. Either way, it seems to be a handy music tool aimed at giving users a simple way to listen to a variety of music from different interfaces, all in one place.


The Toma.hk API uses this technology to allow developers to easily embed a song player on a website for almost any song, allowing them to build apps that can play the songs for almost all of their users, regardless of what source or provider they are subscribed to. In an interview on Music Ally's site, one of Tomahawk’s core contributors, Syd Lawrence offered some more insight;

"Lawrence says the new API could work for a number of different websites and music services, picking out US-locked listening-room service Turntable.fm as one example: “They could quite easily integrate Toma.hk and not worry about licensing issues,” he said."

Further information and Documentation in available on Tomahawk's website.

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