Kaazing Continues its Revolution in the Web-Connected World

Kaazing, software-based web communications Platform, continues to attract big name customers as its key product enables realtime communication at unprecedented scale. As announced today, Vikram Mehta has taken the reigns as Kaazing's new CEO. ProgrammableWebcaught up with Mehta as he prepares to build on Kaazing's success and take the company to the next level.

Mehta was first intrigued with Kaazing as he sees it as solving a serious problem the web faces as more and more devices converse over the web. He explained:

"Communication over the Web using HTTP (language of the Web) is like Morse Code was to Telegraph Networks of the 1800s - cumbersome, unreliable, slow, and unable to scale. The oncoming IoT revolution means there are going to be billions of things connected via the Web, and these billions of things will always be communicating. This places inordinate pressure on the already strained Web. Kaazing has invented a solution to this problem. This invention has been hailed as the most meaningful Web related invention in over 20 years.  Kaazing's invention means communication over the web going forward can be massively scalable, real-time, predictable, and extremely secure."

Mehta has large expectations for Kaazing. He believes the revolutionary product will attract application developers specifically targeting the largest enterprises in the world. Kaazing will target:

"Application developers and those responsible for readying the enterprise for an IoT world. Our target market are the 35,000 largest enterprises with over $500,000,000 (500 million) in revenues. Our market opportunity is over $10 billion....[To expand Kaazing's reach, Kaazing plans] more feet on the street calling on customers, more partnerships with ISVs, and Systems Integrators, and continued innovation in the product portfolio."

Although Kaazing has added some of the world's largest businesses to its customer base, there remains an untapped bed of potential that Mehta believes Kaazing will attract. Kaazing is not an industry specific product, and Mehta believes many can still benefit by adding Kaazing to their IT portfolio:

"If you're a large enterprise in just about any industry that has a need to (a) extend enterprise applications to mobile devices, (b) make extensive use of SaaS offerings, (c) have a need to do Big Data analytics or (d) connect to machines associated with your business - you will benefit from Kaazing. Furthermore, if you are just about any enterprise that is feeling Opex pressure and looking for ways to rationalize the enterprise's web infrastructure while improving scale, performance, and security, you will want to talk to Kaazing."

When it comes to measuring success, Mehta draws a parallel to a couple of ITs giants that have set many bars over the years:

"Not that differently to how the industry tracked Cisco's progress when Token Ring was the only game in town and Ethernet was new; or how the industry tracked Oracle's progress when Hierarchical databases were popular and SQL was new. Kaazing's invention (WebSocket, now a standard) is new.....and overcomes serious issues associated with the popular and widely used HTTP language. We need to work hard at educating the market place on the benefits of this new way - much like Cisco did with Ethernet and Oracle did with Relational Databases."

Mehta and Kaazing are well aware of the always on, always connected world. Kaazing believes its product is revolutionary and will solve many problems for many customers as more and more devices connect to the internet and carry on a non-stop, web-based conversation.

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