Kaazing's PaaS Solution Brings Real-time Data to Any Device

Kaazing, developer of "the world's only enterprise solution for full-duplex, high-performance communication over the Web," now offers its WebSocket Gateway as a PaaS offering. Its goal in producing Kaazing's product as a cloud-based solution is to offer "its high-performance web communications Platform that is optimized for rapid development and easy deployment." says BusinessWire. According to Kaazing's Executive Vice President, John Donnelly III, "To ensure the immediacy their users demand, they need to be able to deliver instant data to any device -- a desktop computer to any mobile device. Our new PaaS solution does just that.”

Kaazing's existing WebSocket customers are Web 2.0 thought leaders and innovators (e.g. Intel, Google, Oracle, and the list goes on). Accordingly, finding adopters of the new PaaS solution should not be much of a challenge. Kaazing is targeting three industries in particular that demand real-time data: financial services, gaming, and retail. Donnelly further commented, that the new web is a "living web"  where "customers see the rich and interactive [web]...as their future."

The PaaS solution "is a web-enabled full-duplex, real-time data solution based on the new HTML5 WebSocket standard." Users have the freedom to choose the underlying technology of their choice (i.e. JS, Java, Flash, .NET/Silverlight, etc.). Because the platform is hosted, users need not invest in dedicated infrastructure or management.

The HTTP protocol was developed over 20 years ago, and is insufficient to handle today's real-time, "living web." A product that can deliver real-time data to mobile devices in a rapid deployment is not only preferable, but necessary to keep up with user demand. Kaazing's PaaS could be a solution to a developing bottleneck in the mobile web environment.

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