Kairos Introduces On-Premise Facial Recognition API

Kairos, facial recognition solution provider, has introduced an on-premise version of its Facial Recognition APITrack this API. An on-premise version of the API allows users to better secure their applications, and reduces latency that can arise when using Kairos' hosted version.

"As we've matured as a company, so has the market, and our customers' needs have evolved too," Cole Calistra, Kairos CTO, commented in a press release. "In response we began work earlier this year on the biggest ever project at Kairos. Taking our popular cloud service and 'containerizing' it, enabling businesses to install a private version of [Kairos]."

When Calistra mentions "containerizing" Kairos, he means that users can install a private version within their own infrastructure. Whether that infrastructure is a private cloud, personal datacenter, or shared cloud, the private API eliminates security threats (e.g. fraud, identity theft, etc.) that can take place between a user's app and the Kairos cloud. Further, because the API is installed on premise, latency is greatly reduced. Kairos reports that with the private API, users can search 10 million faces in the time it typically takes to search 1 in a cloud implementation.

The API allows for both face recognition and emotional analysis. Face recognition options include features such as enroll, verify, detect, and more. Emotional analysis include six emotions, gender, age, and other helpful metadata. To learn more, check out the API docs

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