Kandy Real-Time Communication Hackathon Offers $10,000 to Winner

The challenge is on: Kandy, a provider of real-time communications SDKs, is running a competition that invites developers to create a winning new app using Kandy’s free API/SDK. Submissions are due by June 23, 2015.

Judges will be looking for creative and original app ideas, focusing on how well those ideas are executed, to what extent the app uses the Kandy API, and how that app could make business and communications better. Participants will need to register for the challenge on ChallengePost, after which they can head to the resources page to get their Kandy Throw Down Promo Code, sign up for a Kandy developer account, and get to work on their apps. Once the app is built, developers will also need to shoot a video, take screenshots of the working app, and provide a way for the judges to access it.

The ChallengePost Kandy Throw Down Hackathon is all about using Kandy’s real-time communication tools to enhance the user experience within an app, creating something great for any industry. The folks at Kandy have provided documentation and tutorials, as well as a support team who are available to help with any issues that developers may come across.

Prizes include a Grand Prize of $10,000, 10 Runner-up prizes of $1,000, a Most Addictive Kandy Award of $2,500, a Best Student-Made App Award of $2,500, a Best Of Business App Award of $2,500, and a non-cash Large Organization Recognition Award. The competition is already underway, and developers have until June 23, 2015 to submit their applications.

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