Kanvas Announces SDK Suite for 3rd Party Creative Live Videos

Kanvas announced a new SDK toolkit with the goal of empowering developers to add creative video services to third party apps. Features provided through the SDK include filters, stickers, GIFs, overlays, and drawing capability that all enhance live broadcast video. The SDK approach to sharing Kanvas technology aims to bring a suite of video tools without requiring major changes to existing code.

Kanvas hopes to build a network of developers who can bring new video features to third party apps. In its attempt to "open the floodgates" to the Kanvas Platform, Kanvas is offering the SDK for free. Kanvas has spent over 3.5 years building the suite, and believes that its offering will help users build additional revenue streams for their apps. Early adopters that have already integrated the SDK include Phhhoto, Video Star, Showzee, and ROLR.

The SDK suite includes a number of features that allow video customization directly within a third party app like Facebook or Twitter. For instance, high-performance, cross-platform cameras complete with advanced editing tools, facial tracking and live streaming capabilities provide endless ability to showcase creative videos. Further, Kanvas provides access to a large Library of digital content that includes animated, static, 2D/3D stickers, and masks. With the goal of providing access to all apps, the SDK includes a number of levers to provide seamless Integration.

Keep an eye out for the Kanvas announcement to learn more about the SDK suite and more developer tools. For specific questions, reach out to the support team. Kanvas is moving away from being solely an app, and hopes that the technology that has driven its app will begin to power a number of video features across the app ecosystem. 

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