karmadata Launches App Gallery and Indicate Investigators, a karmadata API-Powered App

karmadata, a collaborative data service and Platform, has announced the launch of the new karmadata App Gallery and the official release of "Indicate Investigators", an app that uses the karmadata API and is the first to be listed in the new App Gallery. As reported by ProgrammableWeb, karmadata officially announced the launch of the new karmadata website and industry data platform at the 2013 Data 2.0 Summit held earlier this year in San Francisco.


The karmadata platform retrieves and processes healthcare, legal, socioeconomic, and other types of data from private and public sources. The karmadata API provides developers access to a vast data repository that contains over 100M open data records from 34 datasources in 5 industries.

At the time of this writing, the karmadata App gallery lists two apps; Indicate Investigators and Sponsor Finder. Indicate Investigators is an app where users can type in a search box a specific disease and the app returns a list of investigators ranked by their kdScore. The Indicate Investigators App uses data from sources such as ClinicalTrials.gov, PubMed, Clinical Investigator Inspection List (CLIIL), and many others. Sponsor Finder is an app that allows users to find companies that are the most active in conducting clinical trials. Founder and CEO of karmadata, Sean Power, states for the press release that:

"Our App Gallery represents a dramatic shift in how healthcare data applications are created, purchased, and enjoyed by the user. We see enormous pent up demand for simple, fun to use, micro applications that are designed for a specific business purpose for specific users. We believe each App should make the user feel like it was designed for him or her personally."

For more information about the karmadata platform, to view the specific types of data available, and to browse datacards created by the karmadata community, visit karmadata.com.

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