karmadata Launches New Website and API Providing Users Access to Public and Private Industry Data

karmadata, a collaborative information service and Platform, announced the launch of the new karmadata website and industry data platform at the 2013 Data 2.0 Summit that took place in San Francisco on April 30th. In addition, karmadata announced the launch of the brand new karmadata API that provides developers access to standardized linked data sets for specific industries including Energy, Healthcare, Legal, Technology and Socioeconomics.


The karmadata platform retrieves and processes data from private and public sources. Much of the data gathered by karmadata is from sources that are not linked together and usually provided in text or XML format. karmadata processes and links together the gathered data so that it can be easily queried, analyzed and/or visualized by karmadata website and API users. The data is standardized by karmadata into entities such as companies, people, geographies and facts. The karmadata website provides users will data in three types of formats; cards, decks and posters:

  • Cards - Cards (Datacards) display information, visualizations and the original creator of the card. Cards can be used to create personal, data-driven stories and can also be shared on social media and third-party websites.
  • Decks - Users can create "decks of cards" that can be shared with and collected by other users.
  • Posters - Users can post cards and decks to their own posters.

Sean Power, karmadata Founder and CEO, states in the press release that:

"Our website will reinvent how professionals access and analyze data, providing access to tens of millions of users that are blocked by proprietary, corporate-only, license fee models. Additionally, our API will provide simple, affordable access to standardized, linked data, for app developers and system integrators to create things we couldn't possibly dream of."

The karmadata API is RESTful and allows developers to use the karmadata platform in third-party websites and applications as well as provides access to high quality data that is available in XML and JSON data formats.

For more information about the karmadata platform and API, please visit karmadata.com.

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