Keek Launches First API for Video Updates

Keek, social video network, recently announced the release of the Keek API. Alongside the API launch, Keek established a developer portal that includes tools and resources to assist developers in integrating Keek with third party applications. The Keek API grants developers access to public keeks (i.e. 36 second video updates), search, user profiles, klusters, and more. Isaac Raichyk, Keek Founder and CEO, commented:

"API access is a request we receive frequently....The release of our API will enable developers to build on Keek's momentum and provide users with new and exciting ways to enjoy the Platform."

Often touted as "the Twitter for video-based status updates," Keek brought the increasing use of video to the microblogging world. Today, Keek serves over 45 million users and generates over 3.5 billion pageviews per month. The API should expand its reach and increase its user base as developers can utilize its functionality within third party applications.

Those interested can find full API Documentation at the API site. For access to the API, users must sign up for a Keek account and register the application. Current API objects available in the first release include status, entities, users, keeks, and comments. Additional objects and assistance tools are currently under development and should be available soon.

Video is crucial to the next generation of web users. Keek has recognized this transition and has recruited an enormous base of users who want to connect with others in short, web-based videos. Keek could be the go to platform for social updates moving forward. Accordingly, it behooves developers to leverage its functionality and user base for more robust apps.

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